The Oshan: 42 feet/10 meters of Speed, Safety and Comfort.

The Oshan is a dual purpose vessel. In the spring, she labours in the cold waters of Northern Cape Breton as a lobster fishing boat with Captain Cyril Fraser at the helm and his son Ray as first mate. Once lobster season ends, she is inspected by the Canadian Coast Guard and outfitted for whale watching with an inexhaustible list of safety devices ranging from life-rafts and jackets, to fire-fighting equipment and personal rescue devices.

Because the Oshan is both a work boat and a tour boat, she has the best of both worlds. The Northumberland Strait design of the Oshan is built to handle open waters, while a low deck ensures safety and stability in choppy weather. In addition, the Oshan is equipped with a small, light engine which cuts back on weight while providing fuel economy: a perfect balance of speed, power and eco-friendly operation. Aside from the hardware, the Oshan also is also equipped with a hydrophone to hear the whales, various navigation devices and handmade, comfortable benches for our passengers.

The Oshan Entering harbour
The Oshan making way through Bay St. Lawrence channel
Scratchy the humpback cirlces the Oshan
Scratchy the humpback cirlces the Oshan.
A young couple relaxing aboard the Oshan.
A young couple relaxing aboard the Oshan.