The Fraser Family Takes Pride in Living With the Sea

In operation since 1998, Oshan Whale Watch is a locally owned and operated business run by Captain Cyril Fraser and family. Captain Fraser's clan, whose Gaelic clan moniker is Oshan, have lived in Northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for over five generations and have made their living off the sea since first settling in the region.

Like most boys growing up in a ocean-side village, Captain Fraser started out as fisherman. By the time he was twenty, he had his own boat and lobster license. A little over twenty years later, with cod stocks in decline, Captain Fraser decided to promote his love of the sea and started Oshan Whale Watch.

Oshan Whale Watch is a family affair. Captain Fraser's wife, Sharon, works as the bookkeeper and receptionist for Oshan Whale Watch. She is also known for being overly nice and for cooking fish to perfection friends, family and passengers! Captain Fraser’s oldest daughter, Sherry and husband Chad, designed the orginal website and flyer. Eldest son, Ray, like his father, is a trained Captain and is also the Oshan Whale Watch webmaster. Youngest son, Matthew, works as a receptionis and tour guide. Cheryl, the youngest overall, works strictly as a tour guide as she loves the water too much to be stuck in the booth. Ray’s wife, Amanda, is a former Oshan Whale Watch guide and is more than willing to fill in on the weekends when not working at the local hospital. Best of all, each Oshan crew-member is coast guard trained for your safety.

Lastly, we consider our boat part of the family. We are sentimental like that, but really, we spend so much time on the water in the Oshan that she does feel like one of the family.

The Oshan stops at Fraser's beach.
Captain Cyril Fraser looks back as the Oshan sits beneath the highlands of Fraser's Beach.
We provide lifejackets on every whale watching tour.
Sherry Fraser (right), Captain Cyrl Fraser's eldest child, is the original first mate and graphic designer for Oshan Whale Watch.
Everyone is welcomed in the wheelhouse
First Mate Cheryl Fraser, Captain Cyril Fraser's youngest child, takes a break from whales to attend to a special passenger.
Whale watching with traditional lobster fishing.
Captain Ray Fraser, the eldest of Captain Cyril's two boys, is a trained Captain who is also the Oshan Whale Watch webmaster.