Central Northern Location is The Premiere Whale Watching Destination

  • John Cabot Landed here, so why don't you?
  • 10 minutes off the Cabot Trail.
  • Home to Cabot's Landing and many historical sites.
  • Central to Cape Breton Island activities.
  • Nova Scotia's northernmost Coastline: the pinnacle of Cape Breton culture, seafood and the Highlands.
The Oshan moored at the floating docks in Bay St. Lawrence.
The Oshan moored at the floating docks in Bay St. Lawrence.
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Cabot's Landing: a historical site, provincial park and beautiful beach. 10 Minutes from Bay St. Lawrence.

Bay St. Lawrence, located at the Top of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, is ideally situated for whale watching. The Gulf Stream from the South brings a warm current, which meets with arctic waters just outside Bay St. Lawrence. This mixture of warm and cold water creates an ideal habitat for sea life resulting in the waters surrounding Bay St. Lawrence to be rich with a variety of fish, birds, dolphins, seals and whales.


In addition, the towering Highland mountains are literally rising from the sea in this region. These beautiful oceanside mountains help create a unique ecosystem, both under and above water, which supports the abundant wildlife of the area. Each year the whales return to the Bay St. Lawrence area during the spring thaw, and stay until late fall-early winter, leaving before the drift ice comes.

Because of the abundant marine life, fresh, locally caught seafood, including lobsters, crab, oysters, muscles, cod, halibut, haddock, sole and mackerel, are available throughout Northern Cape Breton. In addition to whale watching, we encourage you to take advantage of everything Northern Cape Breton has to offer, such as museums, arts-cultural centres and guided outdoor tours. Furthermore, since Oshan Whale Watch tours from the Top of the Island, it is central to outdoor attractions on both the east and west sides of the island. This centrality means our whale tours offer the opportunity to see and do more with minimal travel time.

Visit Meat Cove, 20 Minutes from Bay St. Lawrence, by Land, and See it While Whale Watching Aboard the Oshan

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Meat Cove, like Bay St. Lawrence, has much to offer such as hiking, kayaking, camping, lodges and fresh seafood. Plus, the trip from Bay St. Lawrence to Meat Cove is the best drive in Nova Scotia

Visit the Top of the Island Site For Information on Places to Stay While in the Northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Region

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