One of Northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia’s many Fin Whales photographed during whale watch oshan_whale_watch002011.jpg
Pets are welcome aboard at no extra cost! We are also happy to look after pets onshore while you are aboard the Oshan.
Pets and people love our handmade benches.
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Baleen Whales
Our Boat: The Oshan
Highland Wildlife: Moose, Bald Eagles
Pelagic Birds
Scenic Highland Coastline
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Celtic Tradition
St. Paul Island
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Whale Tour Highlights:

Dolphins/Toothed Whales
Seal Colonies
Sun Fish and Basking Sharks
Oshan Whale Watch
3384 Bay St. Lawrence Road, Bay St. Lawrence, Victoria County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. B0C 1G0
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About Us
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Since we have opened, we have done our best to accommodate walk-ons and last minute reservations.
Oshan Whale Watch office
At our office in Bay St. Lawrence
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Group Packages:
If you are organizing a group tour then please contact us to arrange the details. Our group rates are highly competitive, plus we can custom the tour to suit your needs. For instance, with our partners at Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures, we once provided fresh Atlantic snow crab to the passengers of a corporate retreat while we anchored beneath Money Point lighthouse at Cape North and watched a playful seal colony.

Guided Hiking, Guided Cycling, and Guided Whale Tours with Accommodations Included!

Pay for One Tour and Receive Multiple Tours for Free!

Family Reunions, Wedding Parties, Bus Tours, Corporate Retreats, Motorcycle Tours and Cycling Tours Welcome!

All-Inclusive Vacation Package:


Adult: $30.00   
Senior: $20.00   
Student: $20.00   
Child $12.00
Child Under Six: Free.
Guaranteed Sightings.
Cash discounts available.
Group rates available.

Departure Times

1 July to 31 October:
10:30 AM
1:30 PM
4:30 PM
If you are interested in a complete vacation package while staying in the area, which can include guided hiking tours, guided cycling tours, and a guided whale watching tour with us, then please visit our partner: Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures.

Captain Fraser Awaits Customers in the Oshan Whale Watch (formerly Oshan Whale Cruise) office in Bay St. Lawrence.

A whale watching dog
At Oshan Whale Watch there is so much to see, such as the variety of whales which frequent our waters and our wild, highland coastline, so we offer multiple tours for the price of one. How does this work? After paying for one whale watching tour, you are welcome to come aboard another at no additional charge, as long as the Oshan is touring and there is space available (remember: the Oshan is 42 feet/10 meters long and can comfortably hold up to 34 passengers).

Free Whale Watching Tours:


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Whale Watching on Nova Scotia's Most Northern Coast at the Top of Cape Breton Island
16 October 2013

At 10:30 am and 1:30 pm in conjuction with the Celtic Colours Concert in Aspy Bay, we offer two free whale tours.
And don't forget about our Free Whale Tours Pacakge