Scratchy the Humpback Whale touching the Oshan while whale watching oshan_whale_watch001013.jpg A waving humpback whale sighted off Historic Black Point on a whale watch

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Oshan Whale Watch
3384 Bay St. Lawrence Road, Bay St. Lawrence, Victoria County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. B0C 1G0
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About Us
Want to wave at a whale? Call: 1-877-383-2883,, or reserve online.
Formerly Oshan Whale Cruise, come whale watching with Captain Fraser and family in Bay St. Lawrence along Nova Scotia's most northern coastline at the Top of Cape Breton Island: just minutes off the Cabot Trail.
In Bay St. Lawrence you will be in the migratory home to large baleen whales such as minkes, humpbacks and fin whales, who share the isolated, cliff-bound coastline with dolphins/toothed whales including pilot whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins, along with seabirds such as bald eagles, guillemots and cormorants.
Locally owned and operated, the Fraser family has lived in Northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for over five generations. Captain Fraser has over 35 years of seafaring experience, 30 as Captain. The Captain and crew are local, experienced guides and, most important of all, Coast Guard trained for your safety.
Come, experience the wonders of the Atlantic in the safety of the Oshan, a 42 Foot Coast Guard-approved fishing boat and touring vessel that surpasses industry safety standards for deep sea fishing and touring.
Whale Watching with Captain Fraser, a 5th-Generation Fishing Captain
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Child $12.00
Child Under Six: Free  
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-1 July to 31 October-

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Whale Watching on Nova Scotia's Most Northern Coast at the Top of Cape Breton Island
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About Us
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Pilot whales
In Bay Saint Lawrence the pilot whales outnumber the people.
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Oshan Whale Watch

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Come for the Whales, Stay for the Coast.

Baleen Whales
Our Boat: The Oshan
Highland Wildlife: Moose, Bald Eagles
Pelagic Birds
Scenic Highland Coastline
Central Northern Location
Celtic Tradition
St. Paul Island
Catch a Fish

Whale Tour Highlights:

Dolphins/Toothed Whales
Seal Colonies
Sun Fish and Basking Sharks

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